Wendy Hillwalker(non-registered)
Each new entry was my next favorite. Thx for sharing with the rest of us
Brittany Singleton(non-registered)
It made me really happy to look through your website! The pictures are incredible. Thank you for sharing your photography business card with me at the regional SETAC meeting this week.
Leona Braziel(non-registered)
Nice music, too.
I LOVE my purchases!!! I can't wait to get them framed!!!
Nile certainly has an eye for composition!
Scott Orthey(non-registered)
really nice Nile! You the man.
Linda Evans(non-registered)
Nile, you have evolved into quite the photographer. Congratulations on a beautiful display of your work!
Karla Koskela(non-registered)
Great shots Nile, incredible work.
Sharon Rodes(non-registered)
Awesome pictures, Nile! I agree with Colin these are so good they need to be shared. :)
Mary Reiley(non-registered)
Hi Nile: Finally!!! I'm showin this to my daughter as some inspiration. She wandered all over Williamsburg this weekend taking pictures. Can't wait to see those, either!!
Bill Campbell(non-registered)
Great Pics Nile!
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